Sharing IT skills with others in Jeddah, KSA

December 26, 2009

Dear All,

I am establishing a platform (Pakistani IT Forum) for IT professional who are willing to share their skills, knowledge and expertise with others residing in Jeddah. In return they will also get to learn from others.

This is a  “Community Service” with a nominal contribution towards forum’s activities.

Some of  the possible benefits would be as follows:

a) Providing a Knowledge Sharing  platform to the society.
b) Providing assistance (technical and/or financial) to the needy.
c) Effectively utilize available IT resources.
d) Work as an employment hub for the IT community.
e) Building an IT community network to work efficiently.
f) Inculcating a “Socially Responsible” attitude in our society.

Some of the possible activities shall be as follows :

a) A monthly meeting and a lecture on the current technology and trends.
b) A monthly newsletter for general awareness.
c) Setup of a training workshop for unemployed individuals.
d) Any other social contribution that members find important or necessary for the society.

I am sure most of us will find it much better than just sitting in front of TV or just hanging around in Malls or Beaches.

Drop me a message or leave your email address here if you are keen to participate.

Looking forward to your active contribution.

Faisal Khan